Pandemic Pathway Team

The Pandemic Pathway Team was establish to help the church remain safe and protected throughout the duration of the pandemic. This team is responsible for decisions regarding policies, protocols, and room usage. These decisions are carefully weighed taking into

consideration  recommendations from both the UMC Conference office and the C.D.C. 

Our Pandemic Pathway Team has been monitoring the available local statistics of case positivity, ICU capacity, cases and quarantines in the public schools, and a wide assortment of data.

With the recent strong trends of decline the team has decided to relax our COVID Safety Protocols.
Beginning Sunday, October 24, 2021, these are the guidelines:

  • Masks are optional on campus. We will have a "Caution Zone" of dedicated seating in the Sanctuary where masks will be required.
  • We will continue to collect names and contact information upon entry for contact tracing purposes.
  • We are opening up the main front doors to the Sanctuary. Worshipers are invited to enter through the glass doors on the west end of the building and go through the Gathering Space to enter.